Pollen / Particle cabin filter

Made with a particular non-woven fabric, it carries out an effective filtering action, preventing the entering of pollens and  spores in the cabin and residues deriving from the wear of the tyres and brake pads, as well as solid micro-substances, which are present in the air. Therefore, the Pollen cabin filter contributes to the well-being of the driver to drive more safely.


Pollen/Particle filter advantages

This cabin filter has two main functions:

  • Security, by supporting the demist/defrost of the widescreen;
  • Health, by improving the air quality inside the passenger compartment by filtering the pollution and pollen.
Technical characteristics

The air can be up to 5 times more polluted inside a vehicle than outside. The cabin filter helps to reduce the concentration of pollutants.
The Pollen cabin filter (also called Particle filter) retains dust and other harmful particles with a diameter down to 1 micron.

Recommendation for replacement
  • Once a year or every 10.000 km
  • A more regular replacement may be necessary for vehicles submitted to a severe driving enviroment in terms of pollution

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