Our certifications

ISO 9001

Ensure continuous improvement throughout your organisation

Businesses today seek to offer products and services that not only meet but also surpass customer expectations. At the same time, they are under pressure to cut costs to remain competitive. Organisations both large and small require a comprehensive approach to quality improvement that resolves these challenges of quality and cost efficiency.

Global System Srl is an ISO9001:2015 certified company by TUV SUD accredited certification body. Download the certificate

ISO 14001

Highlight your organisation’s commitment to environmental protection

Manufacturers and service providers are under pressure to make supply chains more environmentally friendly due to the growing global awareness of the environmental impact of consumer lifestyles. Organisations that align their commercial objectives with global ecological concerns stand to gain a substantial competitive advantage. This also reduces the cost of energy and material consumption, recycling, air and water emissions, and legal fees incurred by non-compliance.

ISO 14001 is recognised as an environmental management system standard suitable for large and small organisations. Based on the Plan-Do-Check- Act methodology, it provides a systematic framework for integrating environmental management practices by supporting environmental protection, preventing pollution, minimising waste, and reducing energy and materials consumption.

Beyond demonstrating your organisation is a responsible corporate citizen, certification may significantly reduce the risk of regulatory and environmental liability fines. Companies that implement the system reduce costs and improve company-wide morale, while increasing the marketability of their brand.

Global System Srl is in the certification process to achieve the Enviromental Management System ISO14001:2015.




Our cabin air filter products are OE EQUIVALENT and PERFECTLY INTERCHANGEABLE WITH THE ORIGINALS, according to European Statement (BER – Block Excemption Rule), issued by the REGULATION (EC) No. 1400/2002 and then it was prolonged until 2023 by the REGULATION (UE) No. 461/2010.

The aims of these regulations are to regulate the distribution, repairing and maintenance of the motor vehicles, as well as their supply of the spare parts. This is to promote an stimulate the principle of free competition in the motor vehicle sector.

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