Activated Carbon cabin filter

The activated carbon cabin filter is composed of two microfiber layers inside of which there is a granular layer of activated carbon. Besides the filtering action carried out by the pollen filter, it is able to hold numerous gases, which are harmful for your health like the ozone, benzene, and cadmium. At the same time it eliminates unpleasant smells typical of traffic without preventing the airflow.


Activated carbon filter advantages

This cabin filter has three main functions:

  • Security, by supporting the demist/defrost of the widescreen;
  • Health, by improving the air quality inside the passenger compartment by filtering the pollution and pollen.
  • Comfort, by limiting the introduction of unpleasant external smells in the passenger compartment.
Technical characteristics

The air can be up to 5 times more polluted inside a vehicle than outside. The cabin filter helps to reduce the concentration of pollutants.
The Carbon cabin filter retains dust and other harmful particles with a diameter down to 1 micron and it limits the introduction of gases and external unplesant external smells.

Recommendation for replacement
  • Once a year or every 10.000 km
  • A more regular replacement may be necessary for vehicles submitted to a severe driving enviroment in terms of pollution

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