BIO-functional cabin air filter

Microbes are small species that are not seen with a naked eye and can be Bacteria, Fungi or Virus. They can live on materials if they find there any food. As during the filtration on the top of the filter there can be bloom powder, small insects, fly or other pollutants. Staying on the filter with high humidity this can become food for the microorganisms, especially fungi’s family member mold. Mold is known to release dangerous toxins in the environment. For this reason the active side has to be the first layer of the filtration system.


Bio-fuctional layer in green

protects against the growth of bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Activated carbon layer

eliminates harmful gases (Nox, O3, toluene) and unpleseant odours

Particle filter layer

removes pollen and dust particles

BIO range advanteges
  • Reduces the growth of Bacteria, Fungi and Virus.
  • Protects by the uncoutable dust particles, pollens and harmful gases which are dangerous for your health.
  • Helps to prevent the allergic reactions absorbing the most allergens.
  • Increases the driving safety and comfort inside your vehicle, filtering and cleaning the incoming air.
Technical characteristics

The BIO cabin filter helps to reduce the concentration of pollutants and the growth of bacteria, certified by the testing methods:

  • ISO 846 (A) – Fungal growth test
  • ISO 846 (C) – Resistance to bacteria
  • ISO 20743 / JIS L 1902 – Antibacterial activity of textile products

According to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Recommendation for replacement
  • Once a year or every 10.000 km
  • A more regular replacement may be necessary for vehicles submitted to a severe driving enviroment in terms of pollution

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